Tips to a Massive Chest

Tips to a Massive Chest

Who does not want a massive chest? If you are working out or if you do not work out your secret desire is you would like to have a bigger chest. Everyone wants a huge chest, plain and simple.

There are lots of men looking for a muscle building book that will give them information on how to build a bigger chest. Here are three tips to build a bigger chest while you are searching for that special muscle building book.

For most gym goers (or even those working out in their home gym) looking to increase their chest size they make the most common mistakes. They overwork themselves doing lots of bench presses not realizing there are other exercises needed to target those chest muscles effectively. Inexperienced gym goers think an inordinate amount of bench presses and cable crossovers will give them a strong and powerful looking chest. Those exercises are simply not enough if you are searching for huge pecs.

I want to take the hard work and consistency that the inexperienced gym goers are putting out on one exercise and incorporate more exercises that will bring fast results.

To really shred those chest muscles using weights you will need to focus on 2 different motions, a press and a fly. Most will disagree because it seems the bench press gives you more bang for you buck but in reality alone it does not. It works other muscles like shoulder and arms too so you are basically only receiving a 60% chest workout. The rest is shared with the arms and shoulders.

The krutz of building a solid chest with definition and size is through lots of pressing movements. Pressing movements such as heavy barbell presses, dumbbell press, and wide-grip dips are crucial for thick chest development. These exercises focus specifically on the chest core thereby giving you the best bang for your chest workout.

If you are looking for an easy secret in exercising your chest you will not find it here. Your chest has to be shocked just like any other muscle to grow. Certain exercises work best than others but barbell presses are the best. If you overload and use heavy weights, you will see massive gains.

Here are three tips for beefing up the chest:

Barbell Bench Press

This workout is quite effective in building the chest. The standard, incline, or decline barbell bench exercises make for an effective chest workout. You work most chest muscles with these exercises but your range of motion is not as great as with other chest workouts. The more weight you can handle the more intense your chest muscles will work and react.

Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell presses are perhaps the best chest workouts you can do. This particular workout has the incline, standard, and decline dumbbell press exercises. They are very effective on working the entire chest area. They are better than the barbell workout because they offer you a greater range of motion. A greater range of motion allows more muscles to work.

Wide-Grip Dips

Dips are very basic but very powerful. It will put an enormous amount of stress on the chest muscles. The wider your grip is, the greater the stress on your chest. There are machines that will add resistance with a weight belt for you to increase your workout.


If you are looking for a muscle building book to tailor your chest workout, then these 3 steps will have to be in the book. Take these steps and add to your chest workout and see the difference.


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