Take Training to the Next Level with the Farmer’s Walk

Take Training to the Next Level with the Farmer’s Walk

If you are looking to enhance your training and take it to the next level, the farmer’s walk is the exercise for you. In case you have noticed weakness in your body or weakness in your training regime, this exercise is the cure for you. It involves building strength and muscle, slashing fat and cranking up your performance.

Most people are looking for the newest exercises that require less work, less sweat, and no pain. However, you do not need to look so far, revert to the basics using the farmer’s lift. The underlying factor to success in this exercise does not involve the walking; it involves how well you maneuver with the weight as you walk.

As such, you need to ensure that you walk upright while balancing the weights and cover a distance. The farmer’s walk helps build muscle fast, increases performance, and strength while slashing body fat at the same time. One advantage of this exercise is the fact that it is low risk regarding chances of injury.

The simplicity of this exercise is what makes it worthwhile. All you need to do is pick up two weights on each side (be it plates, dumbbells, sand bags, etc.), walk the far that you can and once you are done, repeat the same. Furthermore, you are exercising your whole body all at once while doing the farmer’s walk your back, shoulders, chest, arms and legs all at once.

Back and shoulders

These muscles are heavily targeted when you do the farmer’s walk. The shoulder and back muscles must work in harmony to ensure the shoulder blades are down and together to keep the joints of your shoulders stable. They are in continuous contraction helping you build the two muscles rather rapidly.


Your arms gain strength as you balance the weights on your side. Your forearms will also get some intense workout improving your grip strength. The triceps and biceps are also at work stabilizing the pressure to your shoulders and elbows.


You can get tighter, stronger abs using this exercise without having to do abs-specific exercises. The farmer’s walk hits the core muscles hard as you maintain balance to the weights on your side. You must keep your abs tight to help protect your lower back from injury and maintain balance.


As the name suggests, the farmer’s walk entails movement, and balance of the weights on your side. Therefore, your hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus medius, calf muscles, and gluteus minimus are extensively used. You will find that the legs may take up the most pressure in this exercise as you use them to keep balance while maneuvering with the weights on your side.

Usefulness of the farmer’s walk

If you are looking for an exercise that will train your body more effectively than daily visits to the gym, this is it. Grip strength importance, the ability to lift heavy objects and carry them, and overall body fitness cannot be underestimated in your everyday life.

This exercise will keep you feeling light, energetic, and healthy as you carry on your normal day-to-day activities. As mentioned earlier, going back to the basics is what you need to get to the next level of your training. Therefore, do not go around looking for easier exercises to gain muscle and burn fat, look no further than the farmer’s walk to gain guaranteed fast and lasting results in body strength, performance, and overall health.


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